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Surface Dressing


Surface dressing is a cheap, cost effective method of sealing an existing surface to prevent the ingress of water into the sub structure and therefore arresting the deterioration of a surface. It also improves the surface skid resistance and reduces spray, which may help to reduce accidents.

Slurry Sealing


Slurry seals are used to fill existing pavement surface defects as either a preparatory treatment for other maintenance treatments or as a wearing course.

Surry seal is the most versatile and cost effective way to preserve and protect your paving investment over time. The application of slurry seal will significantly extend the life of existing pavements by protecting the under surface from the effects of aging and the environment.

By undertaking a program of planned pavement maintenance, considerable savings in rehabilitation costs may be achieved. Your pavement surface will remain sound, usable and safe. In addition, extensive downtime needed to repair potholes or reconstruct the pavement will be greatly reduced or eliminated.

A slurry seal for nearly any need or condition can be custom designed to satisfy the most difficult requirements.

Microsurfacing is an advanced form of slurry seal that uses the same basic ingredients (emulsified asphalt, water, fine aggregate and mineral filler) and combines them with advanced polymer additives.

Pav Seal


Efficient, high quality, and cost-competitive asphalt, sealcoating, and pavement services. From driveways and footpaths to shopping centres and theme parks, we have expertly paved, maintained, repaired, and replaced all kinds of concrete and asphalt surfaces over the years. We have the experience and expertise necessary to complete any paving job in a timely manner with excellent results.

We offer a full range of paving services for asphalt and concrete roads, parking lots, and more, including new pavements, striping, sealcoating, Petromat overlays, pavement replacement, and a full range of pavement repairs, including crack sealing, patch repair, and resurfacing. We also provide ADA handicap upgrades, property management services, and signage, and we can help with new construction projects.